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map tonight. normally temperate southern cities, places like jackson, mississippi, are facing more snow than chicago. and abc's meteorologist ginger zee is tracking that. >> reporter: it's the first winter storm of the season for many in the south. and it's been a disaster on the roads. in mississippi, up to half a foot of snow fell in some places, making it nearly impossible to drive. the snow caused dozens of accidents from alabama to west virginia. >> i feel like we're not prepared for it, like most other states. >> reporter: in eastern tennessee, the fresh winter white slowed traffic to a crawl. students at the university of alabama turned the rare scene into a campus-wide snowball fight. >> i'm from tuscaloosa, alabama, so, i'm not used to the snow. i'm used to sun. >> reporter: tonight, winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings stretch from the carolinas through maryland. areas like raleigh, north carolina, could pick up more than three inches of snow. now, this much snow in that part of the south is a big deal. you're about to see some fun video from brandon, missi
will leread some of those lar in the show. >> the snow linked to at least one death in mississippi. a man died with his car hit a downed tree parts of mississippi and alabama. four inches of snow which is very rare. >> the storm downed trees and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. a foot of snow is possible in some of the highest elevations. janice dean is tracking the storm for us. >> i would love to see pictures of the kids having fun. >> wouldn't you? >> oh, yeah. the worst of it is over but look at the southern snow totals over a foot of n-- snow in west virginia, virginia. kentucky 6.3. mississippi, akron 4 inches of snow. something they see maybe once every couple of years. that storm system that brought all of that southern snow is almost out of there. a little bit of extra snow and rain offshore. we are going to watch a series of clipper systems fast moving storms that come into canada and move over the northern planes. it will bring snow but also a reinforcing shot of cold air. 21 chicago, 25 st. louis, 29 nashville. 33 in charlotte. >> janice dean, thank you. stories yo
. these are people saying i'm going to break the law by not enforcing federal government law. in mississippi the governor asked his state house speaker to pass a law declaring unconstitutional gun laws illegal. he also doesn't believe in the ban on high capacity magazines because criminals could still get their hands on them. he said this week, quote, if they want a 30-round clip, they're going to get it in brazil or the soviet union. self-protecting citizens won't have that right, criminals will. soviet union? how about keeping up with the class here. we got to look at this. here is david keene, who i have known for years. he's a hard conservative. here he is on "cbs this morning" talking about background checks. in this area i think people right, left, and center with any kind of rational sense know we have to do something. don't let criminals, don't let people with court-ordered mental situations where they have been ordered not to do things or been under watch to get ahold of guns. let's watch david keene on "cbs this morning." >> we want to see the proposal, but as a general proposition
're talking about mississippi, alabama, rare snow on the ground there, to the mid atlantic tonight. systems moving fast, but the snowfall where it's falling is heavy and intense. there is one storm-related death to report. thousands are without power. you're looking at a live picture of the scene outside richmond right now. they could get up to 6 inches there tonight with a rain/snow mix, hazardous travel expected tonight, right up through the carolinas. it will all move out to sea by tomorrow. it will knick the jersey shore and at least long island on its way out. >>> still ahead as our broadcast continues, the mystery coming ashore. the tsunami trash that floated halfway around the world. tonight, what strange life forms came along for the ride to the u.s. >>> and later, remembering the woman behind dear abby and all that good advice over the years. >>> we are faking you to the washington state coastline and to say that this pristine spot is under attack by alien life forms is not much of an exaggeration. a huge piece of at the brie from the tsunami in japan has made its way across the pa
a couple months to grow it out. yesterday, we saw the snow in mississippi, those kids were happy, they got the snow, a couple inches here and there. i think a lot of kids end up disappointed in areas of virginia and north carolina. probably not enough for any sledding this morning. here are the mississippi pictures. and did cause a lot of problems out there. we had unfortunately one or two fatalities because of some car accidents. let me show you the radar and what happened as we went throughout the day. the blue and the white is where the snow was. a brief period of snow from raleigh to richmond. d.c. got robbed. this morning, we did have a little bit of snow, especially right around cape cod. just clipping areas. if you're out there, drive carefully. maybe a cub inches before the end of the day. now, the big next story is what's going to happen with the cold air that's going to arrive. the coldest of the stone. the white shows the arctic blast down through the northern plains through saturday. sunday it heads through the great lakes. by monday, tuesday, wednesday, it settles into the top
of mississippi, you don't see this often, got up to four inches of snow, twice as much as their normal total for the entire season. and the mountains of west virginia, 15 inches. slick roads brought traffic to a standstill in alabama and triggered accidents in several states. >> my goodness. >>> let's look at more weather across the nation. dense fog in the pacific northwest. light snow from fargo to marquette, michigan. western new york and the cape cod area. showers for much of florida. 10 to 20 degrees warmer than normal from chicago to los angeles. >> mostly 30s in the northeast. and 50s from atlanta to new orleans. >>> when we come back, a sneak peek at the first new look for american airlines planes in 45 years. >>> and then, a dollar here. a dollar there. the new atms that kick out ones, fives, what you need. >>> and the plot thickens. what we're learning about the notre dame football star and that online love hoax. >>> welcome back, everyone. a couple of big economic reports are both going in the right direction. home construction is way up, with new building jumping more than 12% in
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freedom ring from every hill in mississippi. >> from every mountainside, let freedom ring. stannic and when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring from every village, every hamlet, every state and every city. >> we will be able to speed up that day when all of god's children, black men, white men, jews and gentiles, protestants, catholics will be able to join hands and sing in the words of old negro spiritual. >> free at last! free at last! thank god almighty, we are free at last! [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with ♪ ♪ we are free, free at last ♪ we are free ♪ free at last ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheering] >> live pictures this afternoon at the lincoln memorial as we continue bringing shots from around the nation's capital on this inaugural weekend. fifth grade students from watkins elementary school on the national mall in washington giving the annual reading of dr. martin luther king i have a dream speech from august of 1963 kuran washington fifth. now to the white house where the crews have been working on audience bleachers and the reviewing stand in front of
felt like i just came out of a mississippi sheriff's office". it was grim, grim. and there is a lesson in that. issue careful what you wish for and be careful what criticize and who you criticize because you maybe wearing it. i responded to the mayor's request. we eventually had marine corps personnel and conducting recovery and rescue and we rescued all kinds of people from the collapsed freeway and we brought an aircraft carrier in here and took the heat off of the city and took 500 homeless people on the aircraft carrier for a week. it was a wonderful exercise in taking care of the more fragile among us. anyway fast forward three and a half years newly elected mayor he asks me to be the director of emergency services and i really didn't want to do it because of what i have seen and he went to my house and my wife wanted to. >> >> live in san francisco so my goose was cooked. i took over the job and i planned to return to the east coast. there was one staff member, no vehicles, no money, no nothing, and through the good efforts of a director of public wo
was the snow. we started yesterday morning with the snow in mississippi. it caused enough problems there. we did have a couple accidents that turned deadly, unfortunately. then we had the snow that moved up through virginia. the mountains of virginia got nail, picking up 6 to 10 inches of snow. not a lot about richmond or raleigh. an inch to half an inch at most. d.c. didn't really see anything at all. just flurries north of d.c. the storm is, by the way, just barely clipping the islands here. the roads will probably be snow covered there. you can see these snow flurries and snow showers over central jersey. i know new york city has had snow flurries too. that shouldn't be any problem for the roads. as far as what's going to be happening next, this is the last mild day today. it's a beautiful day through much of the country. temperatures in the 50s. even where it snowed yesterday, getting into the 40s. minneapolis northwards, this is your last warm day. this blue and white and purpole and extreme whites up here, all this frigid air is going to make a dive at us. it will be just north of the
to read mississippi, west virginia, kentucky alabama and south carolina. when i first looked at this i was thinking this has to have something to do with being in the southeastern athletic conference, the ncaa. it was my hypophysis. i am not sure. we see california, new york a fraction of that rate at which they are exporting the guns used in crime. when you do the regression analysis to see which of these are most important, you find the most powerful deterrent to exporting the crime guns is to having this discretionary permit to purchase system. but even having a nondiscretionary permitting process where you actually have to show up at a law enforcement agency reduce export rates by 55%, statistically significant, and importantly for the policies that we are talking about now being considered as private sales regulations reduced version across the state lines by 30%, and by similar magnitude, the theft and false reporting while also decrease exporting of crime guns. something we have not talked about is the bands of what some people would call junk bonds these are inexpensive poorly
, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. nexium, the purple pill, helps provide many with day and night relief of heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache abdominal pain, and diarrhea. call your doctor right away if you have persistent diarrhea. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. ask your doctor if nexium, the purple pill, is right for you. find out how to save on nexium at >> pelley: you'd be hard pressed to find a college football player who had a better reputation than manti te'o, the linebacker for notre dame who came in second for the heisman trophy. he came in second for the heisman and played great football while overcoming a personal tragedy, or so we thought. we asked dean reynolds to sort fact from fiction. >> ...has not had a great gentleman. >> reporter: critics said
anything more than what was done for louisiana, alabama and mississippi in katrina. if they want to make new rules about disaster, well, they picked the wrong state to make the new rules with. >> jon: my state. [cheers and applause] nice state you representing. be a real shame fit ended upping like new delaware. you never heard of new delaware? that's right. what is the hold up? what is the pork? >> there's stuff for alaska fisheries. there's things for the kennedy space center. there's the roof on the smithsonian. job training. >> jon: back up. there's no roof on the smithsonian. it's going to rain on archie bunker's chair. congress shouldn't have to go through this to get measures passed. can't you take the pork stuff out of there and pass a trimmed down version of the bill. >> the republicans passed a trimmed down version of the bill yesterday. it included not just relief for sandy but damaged fisheries in alaska and the gulf coast. >> jon: you worked on a reasonable compromise to get help to people who desperately need it. i'm so impressed i want to make this the first of the new seg
ite sale. said to be linked to one death already to the state of mississippi. highway patrol says a man died when his car hit a downed tree on highway 50. some parts of that state seeing up to four inches of snow today. alabama, hit georgia as well. of course folks in the south do not see that kind of weather very offensive. the storm follows days of heavy rain across much the area. as the system moves north towards washington, d.c. officials warn that wintry mix could trigger flooding up to a foot of snow in some areas. nic gregory fox five in new york tonight. hey, nick. >> hello bill, that storm is on track to do just that produce some heavy snow. it's doing it as you move through parts of carolina western carolina into southern western sections of virginia. some very heavy snows breaking out across that area now. the storm itself kind of swirling from north georgia and eventually kicking moving off to the south and east. no snow really for the atlanta area. the north georgia mountains will pick up some much the rain in some areas will change to snow as we talk about the northe
sent him to be with family in money, mississippi. he was a sleep one night at his aunt and uncle's house when a white mob came in drag him out of bed and they lynched him read he ended up in the bottom of the tallahassee river. they said he will for whistled at a white woman. his mother taught him to whistle when he stuttered. when his body was dredged up and sent back to chicago, his mother said she wanted the casket open for the wake and funeral. she wanted the world to see the ravages of racism, the brutality of bigotry. she had something in port to teach all of the media. showed the pictures. show the images. that is where dr. west of union theological seminary began. >> tonight i won't take too much time. [indiscernible] my dear sister ended dearmamie till. august 19. you will recall what she said. i will pursue justice for the rest of my life. [applause] that is the tradition [indiscernible] when a, chicago, i think of the love trend that curtis mayfield was thinking about. are you ready to get on the train? that is why i gave brother lupe a hug and love ali so much. there
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that an assault weapon. >> and the report says students in mississippi are being expelled and incarcerated for minor offenses due to harsh school policies that mainly affect youth of color. the report by groups including the aclu and naacp follows the filing of a justice department lawsuit alleging officials in meridian, mississippi have created a school to prison pipeline. sending students to juvenile detention for violations like flatulence or breaking the dress code. the report says a five-year old boy was escorted home in a police car for dress code violation. the school required black shoes, but his mother had tried to cover other colors on his shoes with black marker. researchers wrote -- the report comes as president obama is backing a plan to increase police officers in schools, a policy some fear could lead to even higher incarceration rates for students of color. to see our debate on armed guards in schools, go to a former superintendent at a west virginia coal mine where an explosion killed 29 workers in 2010 has been sentenced to nearly two years in jail. gary
jorge ramos.una tormenta invernal dejo una capa de nieve de entre dos y cuatro pulgadas en mississippi y podria afectar alabama y georgia en su paso hacia el construccion de viviendas registro en diciembre pasado su mayor alza en mas de cuatro aqos, anunciaron hoy los departamentos de desarrollo urbano y de comercio y vivienda.y esta tarde tendremos los testimonios de isabel toledo, la diseqadora del vestido que uso michelle obama durante la ceremonia de juramentacion del presidente obama hace cuatro aqosmas en noticiero univision. ♪. >> de regreso con más de "primer impacto", sube los termómetros varios respiran aliviados, vamos con jackie y el tiempo. >> así es, muy buenas tardes y excelentes noticias para los residentes de la costa oeste, lo que sí en las ciudades de santa mónica, con aviso de pocos vientos y a porciones de jackson, mississipi, alabama y al mismo tiempo hay una mezcla de precipitaciones blancas y para el oeste de las carolinas se esperan unas 12 pulgadas de nieve y para mañana, dándole paso a condiciones muy estables para este fin de semana y esta ima
shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now steamboat captain on the mighty mississippi david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )
carolina. they had plenty of snow in birmingham alabama, and jackson, mississippi, it was a record snowfall for them, just shy of two inches. it was challenging to forecast. we were right on the edge, so it was a stuffed forecast. we came out with nothing this time. there are a couple of light snow flurries up to the north. along the mason-dixon line, a little wraparound energy on the backside of that. lake-effect snow is going on as well. 38 degrees now in d.c., 36 adults, 34 in winchester now. we will be cooling down. --it's 36 degrees at dulles. it will be 34 degrees at 9:00, 36 at noon, 37 at 5:00, highs in the upper 30's. sunshine this weekend. we will have a blast of a cool down in the seven-day forecast, minutes away. now to jamee with traffic. >> open roads now around the beltway, no problems in silver spring, passing new hampshire avenue, and landover, new carrollton 270 looking great past middlebrook road. no problems in gaithersburg. 270 new shady grove road plant and on 355 at shady grove road here. northbound 28 before 66, accident activity on the shoulder. 395 and 95, stafford
of these little icons included mississippi and alabama weather but the camera from johnson city tennessee where it starts raining it goes over to snow and it is a liberal white out after that transformation to winter was almost instantaneous more snow on the high elevations and one more shot i think we have here of roanoke virginia and look at the winter escape in that particular area there are still 10 states under advisories'. in the meantime folks in california are bracing for another cold night so there is a chill to go around tonight and we're looking at a big arctic air masses that this flood of warm air at the east end of the pacific ocean here is the jet stream this warm air says the jet way up to the arctic into then it crashes down into the midwest that sets the stage for a siberian express pattern tomorrow and on saturday we will get into milder pacific air while much of the lower 48 was pretty low today the demarcation line is stunning because since it is bitterly cold up in canada we were cooler today because we had a break off load of the chilly air and we could be raining by thur
: the deep south saw something rare this week: snow. jackson, mississippi, got nearly two inches and that's more than chicago has had this season. the storm pushed overnight making driving treacherous in knoxville, tennessee. in virginia, state police got 700 calls reporting crashes. but up north it's too warm. a rise in ocean temperatures is killing off the livelihood of the iconic new england fisherman. two years ago they hauled in 14 million pounds of shrimp, but this year they will catch only a tenth of that. so we sent seth doane out to sea. >> reporter: off the rocky coastline of five islands, maine, ronald pinkham has been up before dawn setting traps for nearly 60 years. how's the catch today? >> terrible. >> reporter: a third-generation fisherman, he's caught lobster in spring, summer and fall and shrimp each winter when lobsters move offshore. but that annual rhythm is changing. how long is shrimp season? >> (laughs) that's a good question. >> reporter: pinkham and his stern man derek colby worry the shrimp season-- which used to last months-- could now be just a day. what does
alabama? tracy: no. ashley: a winter storm hitting parts of the southeast including virginia, mississippi and alabama. they don't know what to do with it. icy roads. several inches in some parts closing schools and businesses across the region today. thousands are without power. some areas digging out from up to a foot of snow. tracy: no way!. ashley: the storm is responsible for at least one death. when you see snow in alabama and mississippi, you know something is not right. tracy: they don't have snow tires. ashley: they don't know what they are. tracy: no. ashley: snow tires, what's that? tracy: i feel bad. all right. the dow is just, god, plugging along here, up eight points. so we have to check on the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. you have big names moving on earnings, don't you? >> i sure do. the markets are not too far off the unchanged lined there are trend we're seeing, there are story stocks happening an certainly earnings. look at two names on the move. first is intel. off the earlier lows of the day but down so significantly, down 6.7% per int
to a much calmer day ava snowstorm slammed parts of mississippi, alabama and georgia. about 3 inches fell in birmingham, alabama. >> that is not what we expect to see. >> they are not ready for that because they don't have snow plows that we have. >> you are from down there. >> it is rare. >> how often do they get snow? >> we would get some ice in certain parts of the state. if it snowed, it was a big deal. it was a huge deal because everything was shut down. everybody stayed at home. nobody got out. so yeah. so this is pretty rare. >> meanwhile, some of us up here are why didn't that happen here. >> snow is pretty rare for us. typically, we get about 18 inches a year. we haven't goten anything this year and last year we had virtually nothing. keep our fingers crossed for those of us that want snow. >> and that was the talk of school yesterday. one of the teachers was saying i love tucker barnes. he is a cutie. but they didn't get any snow. >> you are not so cute now. >> i stayed in the house all day just in case yesterday. i didn't want to run anybody who was upset about lack of snow. i'
wouldn't miss this opportunity again for nothing and i'm so excited. >> reporter: we found mississippi's mattie jackson walking the pennsylvania avenue parade route tonight with her cousins and a couple friends. it's their first inauguration. >> very excited abo the inauguration. it's a unique experience. i'm glad to be part of it. >> reporter: were you here four years ago? >> no. i'm really excited. >> reporter: the presidential reviewing stand is up ready to host the first family, right in front of the white house, the center of attention tonight and will be again monday. >> it's a unique experience most people don't get to see, so we're excited about it. >> sheila hall says she and her family will attend the swearing in ceremony at the capitol, but the second term in office for president obama officially begins sunday. he'll take the oath of office in a private ceremony at the white house, then take part in all the public events monday. brian, you mentioned the president taking the first lady out to dinner tonight. it is her birthday. we have sources who are down at cafe milano in
. >> alabama, mississippi. >> today, we look fine. sunshine, back for a change. something we haven't seen in a week. 38 right now at reagan national. 36 at both dulles and bwi marshall. these temperatures will likely fall a few more degrees. it will be a cool day. our highs will only likely be about 40 or so and mixing some winds out of the north and west and it will feel cooler than that. one or two snow showers to start your morning. those are quickly dissipating. if you encounter a flurry here early, don't be surprised. nice quiet conditions setting up today as high pressure builds in and deliver as a good- looking friday. here you go. high temperatures today in the upper 30s to about 40. there will be a bit of a breeze. it will be on the chilly side. >> at least we got some sunshine. >> for the next several days. >> yesterday, even though it was in the 40s, it felt really cold. so we'll take the sun. >> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> off to a quiet start around the capital beltway. no issues reported coming across the american legion bridge from mont
, not oxford, mississippi. (cell phone rings) mm. yes, ma'am? okay, we'll meet you by the porters' lodge. young man: "here will we sit, and let the sounds of music "creep in our ears; "soft stillness and the night become the touches of sweet harmony." (orchestra begins holst's the planets) this is inspector lewis. have you decided to cooperate at last, sir? well done. inspector! thank you for coming, father. are you going to tell me what andrew crompton said or not? no, but what i can tell you is that jez haydock came to see me... for advice. jez? he overheard an argument that night in the observatory. i told him to follow his conscience. (the planets continues) lewis: jez must be here somewhere. you disgusting waste of space! get off me! (music continues as men struggle) he's the one who... i'm warning you, mr. finniston. make yourself scarce. he's there. jez! tell them what you told me about the master and your aunt. (orchestra continues playing) yeah, see what i mean? it would have been the next best thing to invisible. stand the rifle up in there, maybe chuck a clo
estables, por aquÍ al sur, desde louisiana, a mississippi y memphis, en la porcprie de atlan atlanta, avisos y alertas de inundaciones la tormenta invernal que desplazÓ a la costa este y noreste, quedan avisos de inundaciones, y tenemos condiciones del tiempo para el fin de semana, bastante tranquila la situaciÓn, excepto minnesota y wisconsin con actividad de nieve en el transcurso de 24 horas, un panorama bastante agradable, especialmente para usted si tiene que viajar, preparando maletas para pasar un fin de semana espectacular, no hay retrasos en aeropuertos, un fin de semana para el noreste en nueva york, temperaturas casi, casi bordeando el rango de 50 grados. pero esos fuertes vientos que siente chicago el dÍa de hoy, se desplazan para maÑana, asÍ que no creo que sientan los 50 grados como se debe, esta noche la mÍnima en el norte del pais 22 y hostono 44 y chicago 31 y para aquÍ en los Ángeles finalizamos con 50 grados, es todo de mi parte, les deseo un excelente fin de semana, nos vemos nuemente el lunes en "primer impacto" continuamos con mÁs. >>> gracias jackie. l
a massive winter storm. the system dumped snow across the south, one person died in mississippi in a weather-related crash. and richmond, virginia, almost five inches of snow hit the ground. crews are working to restore power to more than 100,000 people in central and southwest virginia. >>> and storm team4 meterologist tom kierein joins us and he has a little -- to tell us about the possibility of snow at some point? >> well, hopefully -- not in the foreseeable future for us but it was some heavy snow that hit parts of north carolina. extreme western-northwestern north carolina near the virginia border and they got over a foot of snow there yesterday. and you can see that there. it paralyzed that part of north carolina and southwestern virginia. these scenes from boone, north carolina, that's northwest of asheville. and as we, of course, get toward inauguration day, it's time for your -- >> okay. >> i haven't gotten one right all week. >> now's your chance to redeem yourself. here's the first question. this is the inaugural question for today. what was the snowiest noougs. the we talked abo
with it seems to me. >> yeah, started most intensely in the gulf coast, down in texas and alabama, mississippi. seems to be easing there. but still, a lot of folks getting sick. >> okay. the latest there from the cdc, peaking on where we are with the flu. we will have more of course on that during the rest of the day here on cnbc. we have breaking news with kayla. >> further details on the plan for its stake in general motors. treasury saying it initiated a prearranged written trading plan for its remaining 301 million shares. it is an initiation of a plan to sell the stake at this time. treasury said in december that over the course of the next 15 months it would release its stake. this is the initiation after plan to release those shares steadily over time. simon, rather than in a series of giant block trades. >> so they're not going to attempt to market it with, what else, the news flow we might have that point or where the industries are more generally, which some investors might want them do. >> simon, treasury said the sales will be subject to certain market conditions. of course not in
offer those statistics earlier tonight about what is happening, poverty, in the state of mississippi. this is what we are talking about. this young woman is organizing a people and getting women together again to fight back and let their leaders here about the conditions that young people in poverty today are having to endure. tell me a bit about your work in mississippi. >> thank you for this opportunity. before i start to talk about my work, i would just like to say, bring a prison like my grandmother to the table, who was working at the hotel for 335 b 3:35 in the morning and at night time for the car factory on an acre and a half of land and a three-bedroom house, one bath and, and 20 of us in it. there is the true face of poverty. bring an expert like her to the table. her thing was to make sure we get educated. even as a young child, my escape from poverty was to get a good education. i knew once i got a good education, or at least tried to get a quality education, that would be my way out of poverty. that is what i continue to fight for. to build young people like me to lift o
what is happening, poverty, in the state of mississippi. about. we are going to leave the session ran now. the house will be back in for legislative business on tuesday, trouble, p.m. eastern. that gives federal employees a pay incress and just some of the news coming out of the republican treat that informs virginia. the house republicans leaders announced a plan to raise the debt limit for three months. the long-term increase would be con ting nt on the senate passing a bill by april 15. 2013. i hereby appoint the honorable louie gohmert to act as speaker pro tempore on this day, signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend andrew walton, capitol hill presbyterian church, washington, d.c. the chaplain: let us pray. god of light and life, we give thanks for the gift of the day. a day which stands on the threshold of possibility and potential for the presence and power of love. love ensconced in every human at creation. love, which we are called to share with one another, as well a
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